Tripwire Resources for Aspiring Engineers

Tripwire is a leading threat detection platform used by some of the largest companies in the world, especially those that are heavily regulated by NERC-CIP. The government is a huge customer too. Therefore, it is a highly sought after skillset.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about the product but did not know where to start, here are the links to 20 videos to help you understand some of the functionality:

1.      Tripwire Enterprise Intro

2.      Web Interface Overview

3.      Node Types

4.      Create IOS Node

5.      Create Database Direct Nodes

6.      How to Baseline a Node

7.      Rule Types

8.      How to Install Rules and Policies

9.      How to Build File System Rules

10.   How to Evaluate Nodes With a Policy

11.   How To Build a Report

12.   How to Generate & Email Reports for File Changes

13.   How to Build Command Output Capture Rule (COCR)

14.   Intro to Updated COCRs

15.   How to Enable Real Time Monitoring

16.   Basic Agent Troubleshooting

17.   Weeding Out the Noise

18.   Intro to TE Commander

19.   What’s new in Whitelist Profiler 2018

20. Defend Your Data Now With the MITRE ATT&CK Framework

The MITRE ATT&CK video is not about Tripwire functionality, but I included it because women need to understand this framework. Tripwire has MITRE ATT&CK policies as part of the platform too.

No, you cannot watch these videos and get a job tomorrow as an Engineer. However, they provide a great overview of many of the features so you can at least hold an intelligent conversation, gauge whether you want to invest in training, or schedule a proof of concept.

If you’ve read my book, you know that proof of concepts can be used to fire bad bosses…just in case that’s a 2019 goal.

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Keirsten Brager is a Lead Security Engineer at a Fortune 500 power utility company and was recently named one of Dark Reading’s top women in security quietly changing the game. She is also the author Secure The InfoSec Bag: Six Figure Career Guide for Women in Security. She produced this digital book to help women strategically plan their careers, diversify their incomes, and fire bad bosses. Keirsten holds a M.S. in Cybersecurity and several industry certifications, including Splunk, CISSP and CASP. As an active member of the Houston security community, Mrs. Brager has participated in a number of panels and public speaking engagements promoting strategies for success. In her free time, she loves sharing career advice, cooking New Orleans food and convincing women not to quit the industry.

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