Promote Yourself. But Also, How Does Wealth Work?

Promoting Yourself

How To Remain Visible When Working Remotely

A Joblist Survey found that only 36% of workers have a visibility strategy.

“Long-term, an effective visibility strategy can also be critical to career advancement, as companies are more likely to give raises and promotions to employees who make an effort to remain visible while working from home.”

This pairs well with the How To Keep Your Accomplishments In Front of Your Boss article I published a while back.

Contributions matter, but make sure they are in writing. You should be promoting your work regularly to attract opportunities that could come from someone other than your boss.

Speaking of visibility…

​​O’Reilly: 97 Things Every Information Security Pro Should Know – Out Fall 2021

Christina Morillo, cyber industry OG, is still accepting contributors for her upcoming book. “The collection is intended to be a resource for those new to the space as well as for more seasoned professionals. We are looking for insights and practical advice on new approaches to common security problems, best practices, and how to sharpen your InfoSec skills.”

I highly encourage you to contribute to this project. Your unique perspective could change the course of someone’s life. You could also attract opportunities that will improve the stories written in the next chapter of your career.

How Does Wealth Work?

A Tax Code Optimized for White Wealth Leaves Black Americans Behind

“The median White family has a net worth eight times the typical Black family’s wealth. According to Federal Reserve figures, that’s the same size gap as in 1983, despite higher incomes, educational gains, and extraordinary progress.”

People from underestimated communities are not taught “how wealth works in America, showing how the rich pass assets to their children and why those starting from the bottom face such a difficult climb. “Black Americans need to be defensive players,” she writes, “choosing strategies in their educations, careers, and family lives that compensate for oppressive practices and policies.”

No one is coming to save us. We must play offense and defense to close our own pay & wealth gaps.

That starts with learning.

@KeirstenBrager is a Sr. Security Consultant and is passionate about helping women earn more FU money. She is also the author Secure The InfoSec Bag: Six Figure Career Guide for Women in Security. She produced this digital book to help women negotiate better pay, cheat on their main source of income (diversify), and fire bad bosses.

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