It’s Ok To Be Extra

Welcome to Tuesday!

I helped one of my sisters in security with her career development plan a few weeks ago. Instead of going to her manager with just a regular document, she stepped out of her comfort zone and turned the plan into a presentation.

Her manager was so impressed that he passed it along to higher ups in her org, and now she has been given better assignments to facilitate her professional growth.

Just because others are doing the bare minimum to get by, that does not mean that you shouldn’t show out. Don’t minimize yourself to appease others. Do not let others impose their limitations upon you.

Go make that presentation. Take opportunities to speak in front of small groups to improve your communication skills.

Those baby steps will help you walk better and faster all the way to the bank.

Secure The Infosec Bag Six Figure Career Guide has detailed development planning to help you find more reasons to go to the bank too.

I’m rooting for your success.

Feel free to share with other women who want to secure the bag.

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